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August 16, 2005



"I’m not interested in a god who is handing out gold stars for good behavior."

That pretty much sums it up for a lot of people. *nod*

Thanks for the visit today~

ps: Yo. I'm mean. Truly.

True Jersey Girl

What a great post. Loved it.

Hi from Michele's today!


Hi, Michele sent me today. Loved reading your post!

Dave Diamond

I don't think God really cares what people believe. As long as we're all thinking and behaving and treating each other nicely. Well so much for that! :)

Thanks for visiting today!

trusty getto

Very interesting post. :) Here via Michelle's today.


“Right. Because its not heaven if my dog’s not there.”

YES! I completely agree. Plus I don't why any god would bother to be petty...

Here via the lovely Michele today...


Amen to that. Guilt as the basis of religion just totally turns me off.

Here from Michele's again. I like this habit!


Guilt turns me off too; we are what we are -like it or lump it. We can, however, practice being kind, compassionate, moral, ethical and aware of a Supreme Being who made us all without having to buy into the Satan thing. Evil exists, but we don't have to anthropomorphize it.

Michele sent me.


In grade 4 I had my reconversion to the faith after "falling away". I was still riding that roller coaster until university. It was a similar can't compute that did in the faith.The kindest people I knew were agnostic or atheist or another religion. The nastiest, most broken, messed up, deeply cruel people were Christian. That didn't add up. The doctrine of Man above all creatures that were weaker and incomplete creations to dominate couldn't jibe with my gut.

Hard to say whether you missed anything by bowing out that soon. But as Star trek teaches, you can't mess with the timeless. Change one tiny thing and chain reactions change the face of the known universe.

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