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September 03, 2005



(gasps, falls to floor, overcome with the sight of those beautiful fruits and vegges)

Ah, Fern, what a lovely picture. And you're right about CSA's. I'm a big fan of them. My college roommate belongs to a CSA in Pittsburgh and she gets great things from them. Someday Lloyd and I will not be in this silly little apartment that is a short subway ride away from the farmer's market, and we will be enthusiastic CSA members. Who knows? We might be even before then.

And because you asked...let me hear you sing it! Dum de dum de dum, dummadum day, ohhhhh, New England! Dum de dum de dum, dummadum day, whoa-oh, New England! ("Of all the places I have lived/I love New England best./I might be prejudessed./But it's true I love New England.") :)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator

Those vegetables look awesome.

I am here via Michelle.


WOW that's gorgeous! I'm jealous. :) I live in NYC, so it's not quite a choice to buy locally grown produce, etc. but when I was living up in Massachusetts as a kid, my parents would have a garden in the back yard, and we'd buy from local farmers all the time.

I miss that. I plan on moving back north eventually, to farm-town USA. Too much good stuff to stay away for too long.


Beautiful plenty on that table! Here from Michele's.


New England doesnt beat England. Michele sent me.


I'm getting hungry just looking at that image.

Here via Michele's :)


Good idea. It's a healthier food as well as tying a commmunity together. Are there greenhouses for winter supplies?

I went to the CSA site. Interesting group. I make it a habit to support local merchants as well as small merchants.


Oh, and thanks for doing my alphabet game. You have a lot of interesting links that I'm checking out.


That's a beautiful sight! Austin has several great farmer's markets that I love to frequent. Here from Michele's.



I'm starving; it's lunchtime. Unfortunately, most of the veggies grown in NYC are grown in small quantity and crappy soil. At least that's what I remember from a brief internship. I could be wrong.

For a good time, do data entry for an aggregated missing persons database:

I did it. It was way, way more fulfilling than the data entry I ordinarily do.

they call me cherokee rose

When I was growing up in New York we had great veggies. The soil was full of nutrients. I remember my uncle always had the best little garden. He always planted those delicious beefsteak tomatoes at least that what I think he called them. Mannnn were they good. We had a really big back yard so my dad tried his hand at growing. He once planted corn neighbors laughed at us for months. Here we were the only house on the block with about 5 rows of corn six feet high that was fun!

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