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September 07, 2005



who are you? your comments are cool. i'm not new to writing just new to blogging and really i don't, except i am - so there, make sense if you might. fire me or hire me, it's all a hurricane i just don't care. are you a male? i guess i should investigate? l


Well I hope you figure out how to take more pictures soon, you have great stuff here!

Michele sent me.


Sometimes things go so right and sometimes it's hard to say if the stars are crossed or if there's a solution within reach if you just grope in the right direction. Is there any group in your area of free exchange of skill coupons? Some areas have swaps of people who can, say garden, or give childcare, or fix things and swap for people who can do something else. There's another circle for free online ads for services or goods to sell, a sort of trading post. The name is escaping me just now. When it comes to me, I'll let you know. Maybe someone there could fix it.


Maybe one of these groups would work locally. (http://www.gigafree.com/barter_list_maintenance_history.html) They are similar in concept. Particular name I heard of still hasn't come to me.

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