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October 22, 2005



Ahhh, 'fern, this is lovely, just lovely.

I am not one to discourage research, heaven knows, but I think you and your friends did well with your grandmothers, Esther, Emma Goldman and David Ben Gurion -- really, I'd have dinner with 'em. :)

Sukkot is indeed a great celebration, and particularly good for conflicted Lutherans like you and me. I'm also a fan of Purim, which celebrates Esther's saving the Jews from Haman's plot to have them slaughtered. The first Purim service I ever attended was with a friend who told me that I'd love Purim because it was a great holiday for feminists and little kids: The feminist in me could pay tribute to the courage of a righteous woman, while the little kid could shake her noisemaker and scream to drown out Haman's name. ("It's kind of like Pee-Wee's Playhouse," my friend said.) And then, of course, you get to eat hamantaschen, the pastry of queens.

Och. I've just taken this conversation in a completely frivolous direction. Hopefully you'll get some comments from people with more respect and gravitas. :)


Yes, this inclusiveness of mind and heart in Judaism is very attractive. What a wonderful opportunity to be included in sukkot.


Joy ain't frivolous, is it bakerina? :-) Sounds like Purim is great.


An excellent point, there, Pearl. :) In the best of all possible worlds, joy would be considered a necessity, not a luxury, and certainly not frivolity.

Speaking of joy...I understand that this is a shameless manipulation of our lovely hostess's comment field for content-generating purposes, but I heard a little rumor that 'fern has good news to share with us. But shhhhh...you never heard it from me. ;)

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