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October 13, 2005



150 miles a week is pretty hardcore. I trained for a century last summer and was doing maybe 50-60 miles a week because that was all I could fit in. I did get in two 50 mile warm-ups and finished the century well within my time goals. It was a "I turned 40" midlife thing. Since then I have broken my ankle and now have a torn ACL. Glad I did when I did.


Well, since you got an earful of my copious and unsubtle opinion of that conversation (the one surrounding the computer), I will not subject you to it again. I will just remind you -- not that you need reminding; I just love the sound of my own voice -- that we are more than the sum of our diagnoses, maladies, propensities or just plain quirks. You're right: not everything you do is a pathology, and to say that it is is just plain reductive and very, very silly -- and not the good kind of silly, either.

On to the important question: Did the parsnips actually go into the frittata? Mmmm, frittata.


Well, unless you build up to it, 90 minutes is kind of crazy. But if you can do 150 miles per week on a bike, well, it's not unthinkable. Now, when I consider that my 2 hour run on Sunday is 'short'. Well, yeah, that's crazy.

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