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October 26, 2005



There's always the road not taken. I used to think about it often. I still do sometimes. But I realized that road also wouldn't have given me so many of the things I have today. So, I'm grateful. You can't measure what you don't have, only what you do.


What an open and honest entry! Perfect! If love is the reason for living, then surely wondering about that love is the reason for questions.

A proper response to this entry will require some thinking.


My mom told me love is behaviors for a lifetime.

Feelings go up and down. People get further and closer. Both people are human, make mistakes, do things absolutely right but love is the relationship.

It's good to live without cutting kindling wood for regretful future fires.


That's a very nicely written and thought-provoking post.

I'd try to respond properly, but I don't currently have the hours it would take to get the words right. Perhaps someday.


Hey there again from Michele's!


That's a lot on your plate to keep up with. I know I have given my wife advice about her career that has been good and bad. Overall I just try to be supportive no matter what the cost. Our relationship and her mental health is more important.


Happy Halloween. :-)


so, i'm posting a comment just to tell you that i'm gonna email my comment to you privately; let's just say i soooo get it.


I have been reading your entries, and I love your thoughts. I will continue to read, but must do it at home...sometimes I must actually work when I am here.

I am visting from michele's today. I will return tonight, and continue to read.

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