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October 03, 2005



You have to love a good blog! Just like being there, without the trouble of comforting the distressed.

No, seriously. What a wonderful insight into those moments of your day. Very nice.


Mmmmm. Hot chocolate with real whipped cream! What a special treat!


Well, dearest, of course you were crying! The Idea of Time is one of those things that *should* make us cry! Hell, I can drive myself to insanity and back, thinking of temps perdu. But it can make us laugh, too. They Might Be Giants have a very funny song about time. The first verse is "You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older/and now you're even older/and now you're even older/You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older/and now/you're older still!" Whenever I hear it, I don't know whether to laugh or to hop on the subway, ride out to Brooklyn and spank them.

A Food Nerd Moment: When Abby said "I whipped the hell out of the cream," my first thought was "oh, no! she turned it into butter!" But then I realized that this wouldn't be such a bad thing. If you added some flour and eggs, you'd have chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is good to have. :)


Mood swings are a b*tch eh? If only we could make ourselves feel what we want, when we want, organizing life into tidiness would be ever so convenient. Thank god for the highs and sense of humor tho.


i have been so way down low... since a little after you left i guess.
i'm reading this post and i'm feeling like... well... down with you, sad and hopeless, but also jealous. i wish i could ever be manic. not that you have it better than me by any means, all life sucks. but, well, i just am depressed, so i'll dump some on you. miss you chick.


i so get this. nodnodnodnodnod
oh yes i do

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