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November 03, 2005



If you can't make fun of customers in ear shot of other customers, how are they going to know not to do that stuff themselves? You are doing the world a favor.


I always feel badly for people like that woman. My husband frequents a little pub within walking distance of our home. There is a man that comes in rather often, and he always sits alone at a table, sipping his ice tea. He mutters to himself (and sometimes argues) the entire time, and several people make fun of him. It really saddens me, and while I don't try to infringe on the man's right to chat with himself, I do smile toward him. Whether he appreciates it or not, I do not know. But it does make me feel better to make the attempt. Is he crazy? Who really knows?


Ah, yes, the sacred social niceties of the Texan. As a native, I didn't know that there was any other way until I moved away. Many of my non-Texan friends are stunned by just how unfailingly polite, if not charming, I can be to even the most rude person with whom I come in contact.

How crazy does one have to be to need drugs? Oh, right, I know that one...


I work retail as well. I am guilty of dissecting customers after they leave. What I like are the names that get attached. Kije "the hot chocolate lady. I bet everyone knows who that is."


Lurk? Naw, they're out and ubiquitous. ;-) Some people's oddities are just 9/10 buried.

Glad you gave her a top notch warm treatment.


maybe she has aspergers, they tend to lack tact in general. maybe she just is a very unhappy person and is crying out for help in a passive aggressive way. keep being cheerful, maybe you will break her yet.


Ahhh...a fellow Texan, eh? Yes, I too subscribe to the "kill 'em with kindness" philosophy. I should blog about it sometime. I previously worked as a technical writer, writing software documentation with a lot of engineers. Invariably, you'd run across one or two with egos the size of California. Well, my kindness technique always managed to dismantle the ego enough to get the information I need, and not annoy the busy engineer in the process. I'm telling you, this nice thing WORKS! (grin)


Hey, my brand of crazy is appealing, right? I mean, other people are jealous of my crazy. I just know it.

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