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November 05, 2005



This is beautiful, 'fern, just beautiful. What an ending.

I have often played a variant form of the game that you and your sister play, where I'm on the bus or subway, and I hear strangers' voices around me, and I try to construct both a narrative around them and a picture of their physical appearance before I actually look at them. I have maybe a 65% accuracy rate, which, last I checked, was a D minus. :)

I think I picked this game up as a kid, after reading Harriet the Spy. Not only was Harriet better at it, but her observations were funnier. During one moment where she is at the drugstore fountain, drinking an egg cream, she hears a teenage boy's voice nearby: "My father is such a rat...he's such a rat that he doesn't even let my mother open her trap," and Harriet thinks to herself, "Rat trap."

(I have veered way, way off topic here, I know. :)


I fell in love with Harriet the Spy when I was in the third grade. I also make up stories about people. Ever since I was a young girl I've entertained my friends with the life stories of complete strangers.

I loved your story about the old man, and I would have felt exactly as you did. Worried over his absence, and relief when I finally saw him.


Reminds me of Paul Simon's "America":

Laughing on the bus
Playing games with the faces
She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy
I said be careful his bowtie is really a camera


what a fascinating way to pass the time. I am the type that would simply ask them what their story is and then talk to them about it. Drives my husband nuts. If I am curious about something, I find a way to find out about it without being rude or revealing. and it's a nice way to meet people.


I liked this post. I think it is also the sign of a writer...one who is so observant and imagining what others must be like or thinking. I find myself doing that a lot as well.

My sister is 8 years younger than me too, and I always think it is funny to compare how we are on certain things. It's amazing when we hit something that both drove us crazy, separately, and years apart. We're very different people, but those are the things that tie us together forever.


Parallel paths are lovely. I find myself getting attached to familiar strangers.


My dick, to ask. It up. I thought

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