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December 09, 2005




His story? Been in US since 1994. Off his meds. Apparently panicked on the plane, tried to run out, still carrying his carry-on. Wife running behind, yelling in Spanish. Nobody understood what she was saying, or could respond fast enough to interceed.

I can't watch/listen to news as it's spoken ( I don't watch tv at all.) I catch the headlines online, or on paper, where I can find some distance from it.

Doesn't help that all they seem to find newsworthy is the stuff that twists me up inside. How come the rest of the world doesn't twist up inside? Oh, yeah. Too many like your nurse Ratchett, individuals we may never hope to understand. Or understand too well.


Seconding the "yes" from jenn. I'm also thinking about the comment from a mutual friend of ours, about how disturbed she was by the coverage surrounding this event. Your post here, 'fern, *that's* the conversation we all need to be having.

Kathleen Moore

Startling. When I was younger I workded with "severely disturbed teens" and witnessed without understnding what I was seeing the startling powerlessness you describe. Your writing makes me sad and angry for you. Love you gal.


Planning to write here again in January?


Hi, migrating over here from Grrls. This article is very moving, you write well and describe the helplessness, the anger, the reproach dead on. Thank you for this. I hope you write a book someday.

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I used to follow news very closely. I read newspapers, magazines, played hooky from 7th grade to watch C-span. When these weren't enough, I read books, threw myself into debates, went to protests, circulated petitions, took classes. I looked down on everyone then, but most of all on the people who didn’t have any opinions, didn’t bother to stay informed. How could they imagine the details of their own little lives were worth attending to at the expense of striving for a better world?

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